Secret Weapon - IF 02 BHS 911 BB

My number #1 Hofkens breeder!   This male has bred so many money winners, I just have to believe he is the best Hofkens breeder in the country!

IF 02 BHS 911

Best One Loft Breeder in the Country?


"Secret Weapon"


Secret Weapon is the best breeder of one loft race pigeons I have ever seen or owned!  His children just hit everywhere I have ever sent them, sometimes they don't get the top prize, but they just keep hitting and hitting, year after year.  Back in 2002 I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with one of the top breeders in the country, Fran Miller, we traded stories and pigeons for a few weeks and he was telling me about the pigeons he had in his loft and I was just amazed at his collection.   He told me about a male from Mike Ganus he called "Limoges Flash 190", a son of the incomparable, "Flash 190", then later he told me about a hen he called "Flash Dancer", a daughter of "Flash 190", and it hit me like lightning!   I said to Fran, "would you put this pair together for me?", he said sure, I would be glad to breed a round for you.  In November 2002 I received a shipment from Fran, and in the box was a small very well made youngster, IF 02 BHS 911.  I checked him out, but at the time I did not think too much of him, too small I was thinking, but who knows he might turn out to be a good one, and I put him aside and thought I'd just let him mature in the late hatch section.  In November 2003 I was going thru my young pigeons to decide if I would use any for the 2004 breeding season and came across 911.  Wow I thought, what a nice, still small, extremely well put together, but a little on the feminine side.  Might be just what I need to try and get more into the smaller pigeons my partner and friend, Harold Lamons keeps telling me to do, after all I did have limited success with the larger pigeons I was using in my breeding loft. 

Another good friend, Larry Hedge had sent me a small to medium hen as a gift, down from his 102 line that had been so successful for him.  She was a 2 time combine winner and still young at the time, so I thought, this maybe just the hen for my newfound smaller male, 911.  When I paired them up, I had this polygamous breeding pen I had built a few years earlier and thought this would give them plenty of room to get acquainted, so I put them in there.  A few weeks later a friend was visiting my loft and asked what was this mating, not ready to uncork the background my new breeders, I just told him it was a secret mating that no-one knew about, and left it that way.  I sent one round to the Texas Center Convention in Austin Texas and one round to Ken Smith's Cajun Race, both summer races that it takes really good pigeons just to come back in all the heat of South Texas and Louisiana.  Because of my work schedule I was not able to attend the convention, but the same friend was there and called me telling me I had 4th place in one of the lofts.  He gave me the band number and asked what was it bred from, I looked it up and told him about the secret mating, and he remembered and said, oh, you mean the Secret Weapon Pair?   I said yes, that's it.  A few weeks later I was at Ken Smith's Cajun Race, and was sitting with the same friend when here comes the birds and 1st place was one from the second round I had sent from the pair, and the name stuck from then on, The Secret Weapon Pair.  

The following year I wanted to know which of these breeders had the goods, or if both were good breeders, so I split them up and mated them with different mates.  I could not believe it, both produced winners the next 2 years with totally different mates!  then the unthinkable happened, the hen died sitting on a nest of eggs, now all I have is the male of the pair, and he kept the name, "Secret Weapon".  Now every year, and with a different mate every year, he still puts one in the money winners, although he has finally missed 1 (2008) that was in a race, but not a money winner. 

From that first son that was 4th in the Texas Center Convention that bred several club winners afterwards, to the many children later that are breeding winners for many owners all over the country, "Secret Weapon" will be a name to go down in the record books as a top breeder!

Some of the records of his direct children are;

4th place Texas Center Convention Race – Austin 2004. 

1st place Ken Smith’s Cajun Race – 2004

= 1st place Texas Center Convention Race – Corpus Christi 2005 

30th place US Open Race 2005

18th place US Open Yearling Race 2006

2 X 1st place winners in the Texas Center Convention Houston 2006

1st place Houston Bond Race 2007

2nd place East Coast Challenge 280 miles and 15th average speed 2009

After realizing how good "Secret Weapon" was, I later bought his sire, and renamed him "Top Secret", he was only fertile for a few years, but I kept several of his sons and daughters, and they are excellent breeders also.


Sire; "Top Secret", direct son of "Flash 190", and a full brother to one of the top breeders Mike Ganus ever had in Holland, "Prince".  When mated to Miss America, Prince produced winners against top competition winning against up to 20,000 pigeons!  Most were top finishers in many National races.