"Phantom 409"

Direct son of Mike Ganus' "The Phantom" Belg 97-6162086 and "Blue Heaven" !!!

Mike Ganus says; The Phantom, a super breeding male bred by Flor Vervoort of Belgium - one of the greatest fanciers of all time.  I've been good friends with Flor for over the past 15 years and I can honestly say that his family of Hofkens and Olympiade pigeons were among the best I've ever raced.  Flor built his family around a legendary bird called "Olieman" - a pigeon that raced during the same time as the Janssen Brothers famous "019". Results never lie - the Olieman had faster speeds than the "019" and would have beat his 18 wins most of the time if both clubs would have combined their results. Fanciers watched and recorded these great races from between the famous "019" and the Olieman.  Many top lofts were made with offspring from the Olieman including Louis Van Hove, Frons Verheyen, and Flor Vervoort - all breeders of Olmpiade birds representing Belgium against the rest of the world.  I visited Flor in August 2002 and had the pick of his breeding loft.  I selected "The Phantom" for my breeding loft.  He is a medium size, strong body.  A masterpiece with fantastic rich dark red eyes, bred around Olympiade winners and Ace pigeons. 

Mike Ganus says; Blue Heaven - Fantastic Breeding hen!  Bred by the late Flor Vervoort of Belgium, one of the top 3 breeders ever in Belgium.  Flor bred many Olympiade winners - probably second only to Fons Verheyen - the Hofkens breeder of Belgium.  Flor Vervoort and his Fieneke 5000 family has dominated this competition in national races in Belgium and major races across the world.  Here in America, the Fieneke 5000 blood has been sensational with wins in the Flamingo International Race, the Snowbird Classic, and the Vegas Classic Race.  In my eyes, Blue Heaven is one of those super breeding hens that we all always looking for.  She is small to medium in size - strong, perfect body with rich red eyes.  Her family tree is all Bourgesman - which is all Fieneke 5000 family.  If you are looking for a family that repeats time and time again from 250 to 450 miles as youngsters, then the family of Blue Heaven is what you need! They're fast, consistent and most important - they win !!!!  I handled Blue Heaven at Mike's, she is a living doll of a hen!! Super conformation, and a super hen !!!

The Phantom sired;

"Splash of Cash"      3rd Place Snow Bird Classic 04
"Phantom's Legend"       1st Place Vegas Classic 05
"Royal King"        1st Place Royal Crown Winner 03
"Domino" 2nd Avg. Speed Winner Vegas Classic 02
More than 15 1st Place Club Winners
Grand Sire to Many winners

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