Below you will find the Hofkens birds in my loft.

My Hofkens are mostly from the loft of Frans Verheyen.  Verheyen has constantly proven he is a master breeder of the Hofkens pigeons.  His original pigeons came from Gus Hofkens or Van de Pol, and were children and grandchildren from the old Driebander (3-bars) himself.  Van de Pol was a close friend of Gus, and had many of the pigeons Verheyen needed.  Gus Hofkens said that all the children from his Driebander were good racers and breeders.  Driebander died in the hands of his illustrious owner Gus, when he was showing him to a visitor and tripped with him.

Verheyen bred and raced some of the best Hofkens anywhere, their names are now world known, and their children and grandchildren have been breeding fantastic racing pigeons for many lofts.  Mike Ganus has purchased more of the better pigeons and their children than anyone else.  He has owned at one time or another, some of the most famous that has ever left the famous loft.  Such famous pigeons as Kliene Merckx '86, Top Man, Flash 190, Blue Chip, Young Merckx, De Jonge Merckx, Mr. Bourges, First Lady, and children of de Rocket 200, Old Merckx, Kliene Merckx'80, de 500, Old Pol, and de Fondman, were all in his loft at some point in there life.

I have acquired children and grandchildren of these famous pigeons, and their breeding abilities have shown me that these pigeons are the best I have ever owned.  Look through them, I'm sure you will finds some that you will want children from.  This is the cream of 10 years of searching for the best!


                    Males                                                                                                            Hens


Secret Weapon BSH 911                                        Blue Lady 03 GFL 1074




Top Secret  GFL 685                                                Florie Belg 1030101




Blue Nugget A 14499                                                Lolita Belg 1010108




de Portugees  Belg 6483574                                   Verheyen's Best   Belg 6486087




Phantom 409  GFL 409                                          "Phantom's Masterpiece"




"Super Hofkens" GFL 185                                "The Limoges Hen" TBD 0172




"Bayou Blue"       Bayou 110                                "Super Lady" TAYLOR 829




  "Three Bars"      GFL 893                                             "The 580 Hen"  CAJUN 580




"Phantom703"    CAJUN 703                                     "Phantom's Queen"  CAJUN 702



"Top Dream" GFL 415                                                     "Super 699"  CAJUN 699



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