de portugees and verheyen's best

This is the best pair of Hofkens I have ever put my hands on, I call them my "Golden Hofkens"!  They were both bred by the "Master", Maurice Verheyen, and were hand picked by Mike Ganus for us.  They are down from all the great old Hofkens Verheyen used to make himself one of the most famous breeders of race birds in the world.  Mike told me, that old man knows something that no-one else knows, he knows how to pair pigeons to produce the best breeders anyone has ever seen.  Who else ever bred and raced 8 Olympiads in only 6 years, no-one else!  AND they were all related, all down from his famous Hofkens from the old man Gust Hofkens.  Mike says these are the cream of the Verheyen loft of today. They were paired together, and we should keep them that way, their kids are awesome, infact Mike wanted to buy them, but Verheyen would not sell them, "you can buy the old birds, but I'm getting too old to breed new breeders for myself, and these are my best future race breeders"!  So there you have it, the best the old man had as breeders of today.  Mr. Verheyen does not compete as he used to, he just likes to watch good racers come home.  We were lucky he would sell these to us, and paired as he had them, to breed breeders!  Most of this years young were sold as soon as the word got out that we had them, but you can put your order in for 2008 youngsters right out of the original pair as the old man mated them!  Young will start at $1,000 each, and if the first sets are any indication of next years, they will be super!