Direct son of “Blue Miracle” x “Golden Breeder”


How many chances have you had to buy children of a direct son of the incomparable “Blue Miracle” when he was mated to a super Janssen hen?  Not too many I suppose.  Maybe you never thought much about it, but Mike never bred the “Blue Miracle” to many straight-bred Janssen hens.  Maybe because in the time "Blue Miracle” was in his prime many people had their lofts full of good Janssen bloodlines and needed some crossed blood to keep their birds firing down the racecourses like they should.  Now many lofts have lost that all–important straight and close to the tree Janssen blood.  How can you blame them with all the advertisements of incredible results with this bloodline and this other bloodline that will do this for you and you will see super results if you add this new blood to your birds!  All this is fine and dandy, but what happened to the old Janssen bloodlines you had when you started crossing them up with all this new stuff?  Are they gone from your loft after all the newer bloodlines are starting to fizz, and the hybrid vigor is worn off?  Keep reading, and you will see why I think the “Ultimate Miracle” has been one of the most overlooked sons of “Blue Miracle”.  Even when you consider his remarkable accomplishments breeding over 20 Foundation breeders for many lofts, and many, many 1st place winners along the years, and bloodlines you just cannot find anymore, he still has not been the most sought after sons of “Blue Miracle”. Mike Ganus even says, “Ultimate Miracle” is one of the best sons of “Blue Miracle” I have ever seen and handled, an awesome specimen of a truly remarkable breeding pigeon.”


I was fortunate I was able to purchase “Ultimate Miracle” a few months ago, even though he was not for sale, as it was not just anybody Mike was willing to sell this pigeon to.  Mike knows me and knows how much I put into the care of my pigeons.  He was so concerned about the bird, he furnished a 4 bird box to ship him in, “that pigeon is not going to be shipped in a single bird container if I can help it, Mike said.”  “Ultimate Miracle” is exactly what his name says; I’ve never handled a better pigeon!  THE Ultimate! Perfect in every part of his body, rich violet eyes, and a perfect pedigree, purest as you can get Janssen, from some of the greatest Janssens of all time”


Blue Miracle was one of the greatest Janssen racing pigeons in the world. Winning 13 x 1st place wins, no doubling, plus four 2nd Place wins against hundreds to thousands of birds. Winning from 100 to 250 miles, head or tail winds, it didn't matter. He won every championship from short distance to all distances, against more than 750 lofts. During his four years of racing Blue Miracle ruled the skies. As a breeder, Blue Miracle was remarkable. Until his mate laid her second egg, Blue Miracle would not let his hen out of the nest box. She had to fly down, grab a few grains and back to the box.  He would watch her all day long. This trait was also passed down to his offspring. All his sons were the same way. I think this is one reason Blue Miracle was one of the very best racing and breeding pigeons in the world.

His children have bred first place winners against the toughest competition - Holland, Belgium, Germany and also against the largest combines in America. Winning 1st prizes against 4500 young birds and also against the smaller combines with intense competition. Every fancier who has bought a son or daughter of Blue Miracle has bred winners and is 150% satisfied with their bird. Grandchildren have also bred several first place winners and aces.  Blue Miracle's Janssen family is built around the Old 16 of Vanderflaes, the famous Rocket and Young Merckx of the Janssen Bros. He is one in a million breeder that will be remembered for generations.


“Golden Breeder” was a daughter of the illustrious, “Continental Class”, a son of  “Young Merckx”, and a grandson of “Oude Merckx”.  Her dam was “Slaty 633”, a Janssen hen Mike Imported.  “Golden Breeder” was the mother to 9 1st place winners, including 3 American Ace Pigeons !!!  Her greatest racing son can be seen in Mike Blue Book next to the back cover, “Blue Crack”.  He was 1st place 9 different times against 295 to 946 pigeons, from 100 to 400 miles!  Golden Breeder was also a Foundation hen producing many foundation breeders for many lofts,  “Ultimate Miracle” could not ask for a better mother !!!!!


Now don’t you think “Ultimate Miracle” has what it takes to cross back into your birds before loosing all that Janssen blood it takes to make super crosses?  Harold Lamons thinks so, he recommended this pigeon to me, “the finest Janssen stallion I’ve ever handled”, he says.  Remember you need that all-important backbone in your family of pigeons that only Janssens pigeons have.   If you can afford a son or daughter of  “Ultimate Miracle”, don’t wait until he is dried up and we will all loose.  I will have my share in the stock loft before long, and I will not share them after the old boy is finished up.  If you need to be back on top like you all have been before, get it while its still here and not gone forever.  For those of you who still have a good family of Janssens, but don’t want to get too far,  Ultimate has been mated to several proven hens with those super strains, and their children are super.


All of his children have been sold so far as soon as they are hatched by only word of mouth, but you can still put a small deposit and get in line for the next ones.  My wife said I was nuts to spend money on an ad to sell babies I cannot furnish, but like told her, I need to let the rest of the pigeon flyers know what will be available!  I can’t see anyone who can afford $500 not buying a son or daughter of this outstanding pigeon.  Only lightly bred before, Ultimate Miracle should breed many babies on the polygamous system for several more years.  I’m counting on it, and you should too.  Need muscle?  Need conformation?  Need quality?  Need super bloodlines? Need that old Janssen blood back?  We have it in abundance, give us a call, and we’ll make a mating for you that you will not regret, we guarantee it!


First printing in Dec. 2004, sold many from that time to now!!  He has a daughter in Texas that bred 1st and 5th Champion bird of the Texas Challenge Series, and that was from 2 different directions!!!!  300 miles to the south one week and 300 miles to the north the next.  This same daughter has also produced the 1st place winner of the NBC one loft race in New Braunfels, TX.

Direct children $500 to $1,000 each


Ultimate Miracle is now dead, and several of his kids can be found, we don't have any left.

We do have several double grandchildren that still produce top racers!

We used the children of Ultimate Miracle to add the speed to our Hofkens, and you can find his blood in many of our present day racers!


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