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"de portugees"

"De Portugees" is what he looks like, a super Foundation Stallion imported for us by Mike Ganus.  Mike needs no introduction as to his skills as a grader of pigeons, and we trust his judgment, he says this is the best of Verheyen's loft of today!!! Super eyesign, a proven race record, and a proven breeder of breeders !  This is what is very hard to find, a super male that produces breeders!  You can find many pigeons that breed good racers, but can their children do the same?  Many times this is the problem with top breeders, they can't pass on this indispensable trait to their kids, so you have one generation of racers and it stops right there.  As with many of the Verheyen Hofkens, "De Portugees" is a super breeder of breeders!!!! 

Direct children now $400 to $1,000 depending on mating.


“Secret Weapon”

IF 02 BHS 911

You may have never heard of the “Secret Weapon”, but you will!!   As of June, 2011, all but one of his children that have gone to a money race have been prize winners.  How can you beat that?  Not many have been raced, but the ones that have never get lost, and are always in the top birds, no matter where I send them, and no matter what the conditions are!  If you are going to make money in the futurities and one-loft races, you need birds that will always be there, and here is the stuff.  They may not have won the big bucks yet, but if they are always there, I know they will one day.  “Secret Weapon’s” sire is a son of “Flash 190”, super Verheyen Hofkens racer and breeder, his dam is a daughter of “Flash 190”.  His sire, GFL 685 was also a full brother to Ganus’ “Limoges Couple” male who bred many winners in Holland against thousands of pigeons. Here is a few of “Secret Weapon” children’s race records; 4th place Texas Center Convention Race – Austin 2004. 1st place Ken Smith’s '04 Cajun Race - eq 1st place Texas Center Convention Race – Corpus Christi 2005  - 30th place US Open Race 2005 - 19th place US Open Yearling Race 2006      - 2 x1st place Texas Center Convention - Houston 2007 - 53rd American Grand Natiional -2007.  2nd place East Coast Challenge -2009 - 15th place Average Speed - 17th place Texas Showdown 400 miles yb One Loft Race!  These birds are from 5 different hens, 3 Hofkens hen, a Janssen hen, and a 4 way cross.  So it makes no difference what I mate him to, they all race!  Get yours today for next years breeding season, and be in the money every time !!!!!!   911 was a late ‘02 hatch, so he was not breeding until the 2004 breeding season. 

Direct children $500 to $1,000 depending on mating.


"Three bars"

AU 07 GFL 893

This has been my top breeder in 2010 for my yb team in his first year at Cajun Express!  Sire of 2 1st place winners at 150 and 200 miles and 2 1st place winners in the show ring!  One son won 1st overall eyesign and 1st place young male in the flown division, and his sister won 1st place young hen in the diploma division!  I should have named this young male Mr. Muscles! super conformation! with all the ingredients to make a top breeder!  His sire is "Young Merckx 726", and his dam is "Golden Breeder", Mike Ganus says "Golden Breeder" was one of his top 5 hens ever!  I think this is where he gets all the muscle,  because most of my Hofkens don't have it like "Three Bars" does!  His kids and grandkids have been sent out to money races this year and they will be in the top racers, watch them go!

Direct children $200 to $500 depending on mating.

"top secret"

AU 98 GFL 685

"Top Secret" is getting up in age, and has stopped breeding.  His breeding and conformation needs no explanations, he is a super Foundation Stallion for us and many other lofts .  "Top Secret" is the sire to "Secret Weapon" and with that said he has proven himself along with all the other direct children we and others are breeding out of.

 Direct children are $500 to $1,000.

"Phantom 409"

AU 07 GFL 409

"Phantom 409" is an exceptionally fine specimen and a super son of a fantastic Foundation Stallion. He is one of the best handling pigeons we have ever owned, and his children although still young are really owning up to his caliber of pigeon! We noticed his children have been really tough on head winds and very hot conditions, and they never get lost, always home early. A son was 44th in the AU Convention race in 2010, another son was 2nd 250 miles and 4th 300 miles in our club in a headwind.

Mike Ganus says; The Phantom, a super breeding male bred by Flor Vervoort of Belgium - one of the greatest fanciers of all time.  I've been good friends with Flor for over the past 15 years and I can honestly say that his family of Hofkens and Olympiad pigeons were among the best I've ever raced.  Flor built his family around a legendary bird called "Olieman" - a pigeon that raced during the same time as the Janssen Brothers famous "019". Results never lie - the Olieman had faster speeds than the "019" and would have beat his 18 wins most of the time if both clubs would have combined their results. Fanciers watched and recorded these great races from between the famous "019" and the Olieman.  Many top lofts were made with offspring from the Olieman including Louis Van Hove, Frans Verheyen, and Flor Vervoort - all breeders of Olympiad birds representing Belgium against the rest of the world.  I visited Flor in August 2002 and had the pick of his breeding loft.  I selected "The Phantom" for my breeding loft.  He is a medium size, strong body.  A masterpiece with fantastic rich dark red eyes, bred around Olympiad winners and Ace pigeons. 

Mike Ganus says; Blue Heaven - Fantastic Breeding hen!  Bred by the late Flor Vervoort of Belgium, one of the top 3 breeders ever in Belgium.  Flor bred many Olympiad winners - probably second only to Frans Verheyen - the Hofkens breeder of Belgium.  Flor Vervoort and his Fieneke 5000 family has dominated this competition in national races in Belgium and major races across the world.  Here in America, the Fieneke 5000 blood has been sensational with wins in the Flamingo International Race, the Snowbird Classic, and the Vegas Classic Race.  In my eyes, Blue Heaven is one of those super breeding hens that we all always looking for.  She is small to medium in size - strong, perfect body with rich red eyes.  Her family tree is all Bourgesman - which is all Fieneke 5000 family.  If you are looking for a family that repeats time and time again from 250 to 450 miles as youngsters, then the family of Blue Heaven is what you need! They're fast, consistent and most important - they win !!!!  I handled Blue Heaven at Mike's, she is a living doll of a hen!! Super conformation, and a super hen !!! 

Direct children $500 to $1,000 depending on the mating.

"Super hofkens"

AU 01 GFL 185

A super breeder and a foundation breeder of breeders!!!  His direct children are some of the very best breeders my customers and I own!  The 2010 mate for "Three Bars" is a daughter of "Super Hofkens", The 1st place winner of the AU Convention Race was from a son and a daughter of "Super Hofkens"!  Sire is none other than the famous and illustrious breeder, "Hofkens Best", and his dam is one of the top breeding hens of all time, "Miss America" from Ganus' Holland loft that bred many top national prize winning pigeons. "Super Hofkens" is a full brother to Don Barker's super breeder "The Vegas Cock".  "Super Hofkens" is no longer at Cajun Express, offers for him has made me overlook his early success and he has moved on to Long Island NY (BIG MISTAKE). For this reason I am not offering anymore direct children from him.  "Super Hofkens" will be a name you will see for many years to come, a fantastic breeder! 

Grandchildren $200 to $500 depending on mating.

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