As told by Frank McLaughlin (with permission)

Moxidectin wormer    If you are still using Ivermectin or any other wormer you are wasting time and your birds probably have round worms and other parasites.  We have been using Moxidectin for ten years with incredible results.  The easy way to administer is to go to a feed store with horse products and buy a product called 'Quest'.  Quest comes in a syringe tube and will make eight gallons of water.

Quest is a gel that must be mixed in a blender poured  into the water and given to the pigeons for 24 hours.  It lasts in the pigeons system for 30 days.  Not only does it eliminate all internal intestinal worms, it eliminates gape worms and all external parasites.  We treat the race team with Quest seven days before a big race and have only had super results.

We place 1/2 tube of Quest in one cup of water in the blender.  We blend for 30 seconds and then pour this into 4 gallons of water and stir.  When you see the dial on Quest you will realize it is difficult to make less than two gallons at one time.

If you see worms you can repeat every three weeks for up to six months.  If your pigeons are reinfected from the environment you can treat every three weeks or monthly for six months.  Round worm eggs only live in the enviroment for six months so the life cycle can be broken.  

Once per year we treat with Quest Plus which contains the Tapeworm medicine.  The pigeons do not like to drink Quest Plus so we use it only once in a great while. 

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