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“Cajun King”

 The best tasting okra I’ve ever grown!

You will get 40 seeds, and believe me that is enough for a family to eat okra year round!  This plant makes up to 20 pods every other day.  It is the most prolific okra I've ever grown, and stays tender until up to 15 inches long!  Take good care by watering often when there is no rain (every 2 to 3 days) and fertilizing lightly once a month.  This seed was developed by an old Cajun to sell at market, he died and his son gave me the seeds he had left from his dad.  It is the best tasting and easiest to care for I've ever grown!  Germination remains good for several years if you freeze or cool the seeds.  I didn't keep seed for the 1st 2 years I planted it, then thought to myself, "why keep this super good okra just for me", so now for 2 years now I've been keeping seed and here you have a chance to have the best okra I've ever planted or seen.  It grows so large, you need to plant the seeds at least 8 feet apart.  I usually plant 3 or 4 seeds then remove the extra plants when they get 18 inches tall, that way you can keep only the healthiest plants.  IF you buy 2 orders at the same time, you will get 100 seeds,  IF you buy 5 orders at the same time, you will get 600 seeds (at least) !!!  BONUS Free Cajun Recipe for smothered Okra, the best recipe for this okra, super good !!!!  It has a sweet taste you will not find in any other okra!  Good luck and let me know how you succeed !!!!  DOUBLE BONUS if you order 2 orders at the same time, we will include a recipe for gumbo, the way we make it - The Cajun Way!!!  We are real Cajuns, and cook the old fashion recipes!  Comes with planting instructions.

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