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Cajun Express and Pigeon PD8 Nutrition!

Here is the product as David explains it

Pigeon "PD8"

A Synergistic all plant based whole food from Nature!

PD8 contains more than 290 biologically active compounds.

 Contain more than 100 different kinds of nutrients and bio-active substances including vitamins, fatty acids and free amino acids

 PD8 is made up of eight different ingredients from around the world and the best I can get my hands on. I originally developed PD8 for human consumption and with amazing results for me as the first lab rat, you could say! Now friends wanted to try PD8! All with exciting results, that I canít talk about because the FDA will get upset with me!   Not good.

The biggest concern I hear from everyone that uses PD8 is, how do we get our PD8 if something happens to you?

Over 250 clinical heath studies have been made on the health benefits of the different ingredients in PD8. One of the latest studies on just one of the ingredients in PD8 showed the ability to add nearly 15 years to the human life span.

I have myself over 20 yearís of research and studies on various different nutritionís and their benefits.       

As a pigeon breeder the benefits I have seen from using PD8 is that the babies come out of the nest with better muscle and feather, you can just see how healthy they are! and the parents maintain a beautiful body condition while feeding the young.  You will also notice that they mature much faster!

PD8 with the older breeders.

I have a 14 year old son of my foundation breeder "1245" that has been on PD8 for about the last year and a half. He has not missed one egg and has raised every young but one himself. He is now on two good eggs with his granddaughter. "Golden Voss" A 00 0563

Last year 2013 a 12 year old daughter of ď1245Ē laid three full rounds, 6 good eggs on PD8 and the year before at 11 she only laid 1 good egg! "De 210" CBL 01 210

 Now when it comes to racing!

09/28/13 GNEO 1083 young birds 74 lofts 1st place winner Tom Tomer by 13 minutes!

Now when it comes to racing and PD8! ask the History Making three time GNEO Champion! Tom Tomer what he thinks about PD8   Quote!    Itís freken amazing!!

The birds came home acting like they had not even been to a race and they still had their body weight! This was on one of the toughest races of the year and Tom was the only loft in the combine with 100% returns on this race. With the first PD8 race team, Tom made History in the sport by winning the GNEO for the 3rd time!

He also took the first 5 places in the  PENN OHIO COMBINE SPECIAL 300 winning it by over 17 minutes!      

Ok, it all really makes perfect sense! Our birds are some of the greatest athletes and the one thing they need most is proper nutrition.   

Our nutritional heath blend PD8 is now available to the general public.

Use one table spoon for each 50 pigeons daily, first you may need to stir in some peanut oil over the feed so it sticks to the grain,  I use just a cap full and stir it well, then add the product.

It comes in a reseal able, vacuumed and heat sealed bag.

Price: 1 bag = 45 table spoons   11.7 oz $30.00

                                    Priority shipping $5.00

                                                      Total $35.00

Save $10.00 get two bags 90 tbs for $50.00

                               Priority shipping $5.00

                                                Total $55.00

Send payment to;

Gerald Hebert

144 Jerry Street

Egan, LA 70531